About iXplore STEM

iXplore is an independent, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed to Build science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) literacy and proficiency, to Encourage students to pursue STEM degrees, to Promote STEM awareness in Maine, and to Expand the skilled workforce supporting STEM-dependent business sectors.


  • Partner with educators, scientists, and engineers in industry and academia to develop inspirational science & engineering lab activities for classrooms and summer programs.
  • Empower educators with technical training and development workshops required to implement modern technology, and science & engineering practices in the classroom.
  • Establish and manage a library of shared science and engineering equipment for use in Maine classrooms with support from local businesses, colleges, and foundations.
  • Promote STEM awareness in the community and facilitate STEM career exploration.


  • Summer High School iXplore Program: designed for both students and educators. Students gain experience and skills participating in lab research and engineering projects; and explore STEM careers. Educators return to their classrooms able to engage their students in scientific research using modern techniques with support and mentoring from iXplore.
  • Maine Barcode of Life Project: high school students use biotechnology and bioinformatics to identify and classify Maine species. Student results are published in a global genetic database.
  • K-12 STEM Curriculum Development: offering aid in curriculum development to elementary, middle and high school educators. Full units include NGSS aligned teaching materials and lab activities.
  • Biotechnology Education and Resource Program (Bio-Tech Ed): provides educators with professional development and training in biotechnology and bioinformatics and the resources needed to implement 21st century genetics curricula.